The Student.
Creative Writing

As an English Writing minor at St. John Fisher, I had the opportunity to do some creative
writing in addition to my academic and journalistic writing.  Here are some samples:
  • Non-Fiction: "A Family Tragedy: Through the eyes of my great-grandfather" | PDF
           The Essay | Fall 2005 | 1,763 words

  • 2-3 Page Dialogue/Descriptive Scene | PDF
          Creative Writing | Fall 2006 | 1,174 words

  • Dramatic Monologue, Scott Norwood: "For my fans (if I still have any)" | PDF
          Creative Writing | Fall 2006 | 948 words

  • Ballad: "White on the Henrietta Horizon" | PDF
          Creative Writing | Fall 2006 | 442 words

  • Iambic Poem: "Soviet-born spectacle" | PDF
          Creative Writing | Fall 2006 | 183 words
It's worth adding here that I plan to continue to do creative writing in the future.
I enjoy writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction in my spare time and would eventually
like to write a book.