The Student.

Besides writing a number of articles for the Cardinal Courier, St. John Fisher's award-winning
student newspaper, I also wrote some articles strictly for class purposes.  Here are a few:
  • Event coverage: Guest speaker on the State of the Roman Catholic Church | PDF
          Intro to Newswriting | Spring 2006 | 536 words       
  • Feature story: Brandon Beigel, St. John Fisher baseball and basketball athlete | PDF
          Sports Reporting | Spring 2007 | 1,289 words
  • Movie review: La Grande Illusion | PDF
          Honors: History of France since 1789 | Fall 2007 | 1,636 words
*Note: Articles that I wrote for the campus newspaper at Fisher can be found by clicking here.

And here's articles I wrote for the DePaul campus newspaper The DePaulia.