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Sebastian Weber b. 1663 Germany --> Conrad Weber b. 1708 Germany
                 Christian Weber b. 1759 Germany --> Johann Jacob Weber b. 1802 Germany
                   Jacob Nicolaus Weber b. 1840 Germany --> Elizabeth Weber b. 1880 N.Y.
                      Margaret Hilburger b. 1905 N.Y. --> Rita Romane --> Patrick Kanalley (my dad)
Locations: Bierbach, Germany; Zweibruecken, Germany; Waukegan, Illinois; Buffalo, N.Y.

Surname Variations: Weaver, Weber, Waeber

Immigration: Johann Jacob Weber came to America in 1855 or 1856 with his wife and kids.

Immigrant Children: 8 - Peter, Catharina, Georg, Magdalena, Gertrud, Jacob, Louisa, Joseph

Associated Families: Rechin, Graebel, Rheinlaender, Keller, Fell, Sand, Gillig, Richter, Fellner

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