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Balthasar Uebelhoer b. abt. 1672 France --> Michael Uebelhoer b. abt. 1714 France
                 Jean-Adam Uebelhoer b. 1743 France --> Christien Uebelhoer b. 1769 France
                    Nicolas Uebelhoer b. 1806 France --> Barbe Uebelhoer b. 1838 France
                         Andrew Marcus Beaser b. 1863 N.Y. -->Frances Beaser b. 1905 N.Y.
                            Lois Grundtisch b. 1937 N.Y. --> Karen Graczyk --> Craig Kanalley

Locations: Bremmelbach, Alsace, France; Williamsville, N.Y.; Alden, N.Y.; Indiana

Surname Variations: Ubelhoer; Uebelhor; Ubelhor; Ubelhar; Ebelhar; Ebelhare; Evilhare

Immigration: Nicolas Uebelhoer immigrated from France to America in May 1849.

Immigrant Children: 11 - Anne-Marie, Barbe, Nicolas, Christine, Jean, Madeleine, Joseph,
                                     Catherine, Marie Anne, Josephine, Frank

Associated Families: Winter, Studi, Georger, Daigler, Sauter, Beaser, Wehrle, Graber

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