The Genealogist.
Notable Kin  

I've found myself distantly related to several prominent individuals, including:
  • Nicolas Cage (born Coppola) | relationship chart
              American actor
  • Johnny Depp | relationship chart
              American actor and musician
  • Rick Bayless & brother Skip Bayless | relationship chart
              American chef & sports personality/journalist
  • George Henry Kinderdine | relationship chart
              kicked 1st extra point in 1st game in NFL history, played 10 seasons for Dayton
  • Justin Conrad Strzelczyk | relationship chart
              former NFL player, played for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 9 years
  • John Nelson Wanamaker | relationship chart
              Philadelphia businessman, storeowner (Wanamaker's, now Lord & Taylor)       
  • Lewis Rodman Wanamaker | relationship chart
              sponsored 1st PGA tourney in 1916, 1st to play U.S. anthem at a sporting event         
  • Bishop Bernard John McQuaid | relationship chart
              first bishop of Rochester, N.Y., first president of Seton Hall College