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Johannes Klein b. abt. 1690 Germany --> Franz Heinrich Klein b. abt. 1721 Germany
                    Laurent Klein b. 1758 France --> Jean Klein b. 1783 France
                           Jean Klein b. 1821 France --> Magdalena Klein b. 1864 N.Y.
                                   Frances Beaser b. 1905 N.Y. --> Lois Grundtisch b. 1937 N.Y.
                                          Karen Graczyk --> Craig Kanalley

Locations: Eschbach, Bavaria, Germany; Rahling, Moselle, France; Williamsville, N.Y.

Surname Variation: Kline

Immigration: Jean Klein immigrated from France to America between 1846 and 1848.

Immigrant Children: 12 - Nicolas, Anne, Maria, John, Margaret, Jacob, George, Phillip
                                       Catharina, Baby [died as infant], Magdalena, Amelia

Associated Families: Dannenhoffer, Wuertz, Fromwiller, Snyder, Rubeck, Beaser, Lang, Meyer

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