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Johann Hilburger b. abt. 1750 Germany --> Joseph Hilburger b. 1778 Germany
                 Tobias Hilburger b. 1819 Germany --> Johann Baptista Hilburger b. 1854 N.Y.
                   Edward Hilburger b. 1880 N.Y. --> Margaret Hilburger b. 1905 N.Y.
                     Rita Romane --> Patrick Kanalley --> Craig Kanalley

Locations: Schirmitz, Bavaria, Germany; Kaimling, Bavaria, Germany; Buffalo, N.Y.

Surname Variations: Hilberger, Hillburger, Hillberger, Hilburg

Immigration: Tobias Hilburger came to Western New York in 1853 from Germany.

Immigrant Children: 6 - Johann Baptista, Martin, Regina, Joseph, Wilhelm, Louis

Associated Families: Messer, Sammer, Waldhier, Weber, Hummel, Morlock, Stock, Fancher

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