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Christian Grundisch b. 1530 Switzerland --> Jacob Grundisch b. 1572 Switzerland
                 Nicolas Grundisch b. 1607 Switzerland --> Ulrich Grundisch b. 1642 Switzerland
                   Adam Grundisch b. 1673 Switzerland --> Adam Grundtisch b. 1733 Germany
                      Nicolaus Grundtisch b. 1775 Germany --> Jacob Grundtisch b. 1814 Germany
                         Johannes Grundtisch b. 1855 Germany --> Howard Grundtisch b. 1899 N.Y.
                            Lois Grundtisch b. 1937 N.Y. --> Karen Graczyk --> Craig Kanalley

Locations: Saanen, Switzerland; Geiselberg, Germany; Upper Sandusky, Ohio; Buffalo, N.Y.

Surname Variations: Grundisch, Grundish, Grunditch, Grundtich, Grundtish, Grundysch

Immigration: Jacob Grundtisch, wife Elisabeth, and their 11 kids immigrated to Ohio in 1860.

Immigrant Children: 11 - Franz, Elisabeth, Jacob, Heinrich, Peter, Adam, Georg, Catharina, Nicolaus, Johannes, Eva

Associated Families: Vatter, Gundacker, Wahl, Burkhardt, Kloepfer, Baker, Beaser, Sander

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