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Martin Bieser b. abt. 1596 Germany --> Johannes Bieser b. 1626 Germany
                 Johannes Bieser b. 1662 Germany --> Joseph Bieser b. 1696 Germany
                   Michael Bieser b. 1725 Germany --> Anton Bieser b. 1762 Germany
                     Andreas Bieser b. 1799 Germany --> John Bieser b. 1837 N.Y.
                      Andrew Beaser b. 1863 N.Y. --> Frances Beaser b. 1905 N.Y. (great-grandma)

Locations: Waeschenbeuren, Wuerttemberg, Germany; Williamsville, N.Y.; Buffalo, N.Y.

Surname Variations: Beaser, Bisser, Biser, Beazer, Biesser, Byser

Immigration: Andreas Bieser came to Western New York in 1822 from Germany.

Immigrant Children: 4 - Anna Maria, John (died as infant), John, Magdalena

Associated Families: Schwab, Uebelhoer, Klein, Fischer, Besch, Gabriel, Lauffenburger

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