The Genealogist.
Sifting through microfilm, examining old records, conducting interviews, contacting
people across the globe, and compiling data from a variety of sources, I began
researching my family history in October 1998 for a school project.

The assignment quickly grew into a significant hobby.  To date, I've collected more
than 35,000 people in my genealogy database, including more than 650 direct ancestors.

I originally thought I was just Irish, Polish, and German, but I've learned that I'm also
Canadian, English, Scottish, Welsh, French, Austrian, Swiss, Belgian, and Dutch.

One of my most interesting discoveries came in January 2003 when I found out
my parents are distantly related.  They both descend of Michael Bender and Christine
Lambert, who married in Altheim, Bavaria, Germany in 1738. A diagram showing the
relationship can be found here.

If anyone is interested in having their family tree researched, I'd definitely be willing
to help out at little to no charge, depending on the request.  I know where to look
and have 10 years experience in genealogy!  Please contact me for more information.