The Employee.
I'm a tireless hard worker and innovative self-starter, who takes pride in being
extraordinarily detail-oriented, excited to be working with the Buffalo Sabres.

Skills include:
  • Web writing
  • social media
  • sports writing
  • news writing
  • blogging
  • content management
  • graphic design

I am passionate about digital media. I'm well aware the industry is constantly changing, and
I'm always working to improve my skillset to adapt with it (Twitter, video editing, etc.).
I'm optimistic about its future and I believe strongly in its vital role in society.

My goal when I started graduate school was to work with a Web-savvy news
organization full-time when I was done. I'm happy to say that after finishing grad
school I reached this goal, when I started working with The Huffington Post.

Recommendations can be found on my LinkedIn page and are available by request.